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Veterans Affairs Mails Me a Tracking Number

On 10/26 I walked into my office to find a letter sent by the Department of Veterans Affairs.  Inside was a letter acknowledging my request and assigning me a tracking number (13-00159-F). The good news is that VA has classified my request as “simple,” which should mean that I get a response sooner than if it was placed in the “complex” track…I just hope that the final response does not come in the mail.

VA Tracking Number


Checking Our Requests on FOIAonline

On 10/15/12 we logged into FOIAonline to check the status of our requests at the EPA, the Merit Service Protection Board, and Commerce. EPA and the MSPB have classified our request as “simple” and MSPB expects we will have a response to our request by 11/2/12. Here is what we saw: