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EPA Gets Back (to FOIA)online. More Search Troubles

I got two more emails about my request to the EPA this morning. The first was another email from the FOIA processor with the requested record attached (the third). Hopefully that is the last time the EPA sends me a copy of the report, though, since the second email was to let me know that my request was now closed and the record was available through my FOIAonline account.


Now that the report is, theoretically, online and available for any member of the public who is interested in records management issues (don’t laugh…there are people who are interested, I promise), I decided to see how easy it would be to find the report.

I logged out of my account and tried a search of records released by the EPA using the search terms “Records Management” and “report.”

EPA RM Search

Which yielded 2,300 results

EPA Search Results

I tried adding in other terms (including my name, a trick I used to find the report released to me by the Merit Service Protection Board) to narrow my results and was able to bring the number of results down to a more manageable 42. My requested report was not among the results, however.

I went back to the larger pool of results and decided to take advantage of the option to download the results as an Excel file.


It was much easier to sort through the Excel version of the results. Unfortunately, however, my requested report was not included in the sheet.

As a final resort, I tried searching the tracking number.

No Luck Chuck

Still no luck. It appears I can access the record online at this point, but it is not yet available for the public.