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Status Check, Please?

Over the past two months responses to more than half of the seventeen FOIA requests we filed with different agencies have trickled into our inbox (and onto our desks via hard mail). Two agencies, however, have yet to even acknowledge our requests: the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Social Security Administration.

We decided to check on the status of the request at by calling DHS’ FOIA Public Liaison. Unfortunately, the number listed on the Department of Justice’s Office of Information Policy (OIP) website, FOIA.gov, was out of service. Luckily, a working number listed on DHS’ FOIA page. DHS could not find any record of our request, so we re-submitted the request via email.

We left a message for the Public Liaison at Social Security, and will update you once we hear anything back.


Re-filing with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

We received a call from the FOIA processor at EEOC letting us know that there was a confusing typo in our request (we used the same wording for all of our requests made via email; we had forgotten to change the name of the agency to SEC in the body of the email before sending it out; the report was properly described in the subject of the email.) After a brief telephone conversation to clear up the confusion, we were asked to refile the request. We were emailed a confirmation letter and tracking number (820-2013-169169) shortly after refiling. The FOIA processor also shared her contact information with us.