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VA Lets Us Know the Report Was Released — Again

Today’s mail delivery included a letter from the VA letting us know that they had found 9 pages responsive to our request and the pages were being released in their entirety. While we appreciate the information, we find it a little strange that the letter is stamped (Nov 2) the day after the VA actually emailed us the report (Nov 1).

VA Letter


VA Sends Us the Report

On 11/1/2012 the VA emailed us the requested record in full. The note also said that my request for a fee waiver was moot as no fees were assessed in responding to the request.


Veterans Affairs Mails Me a Tracking Number

On 10/26 I walked into my office to find a letter sent by the Department of Veterans Affairs.  Inside was a letter acknowledging my request and assigning me a tracking number (13-00159-F). The good news is that VA has classified my request as “simple,” which should mean that I get a response sooner than if it was placed in the “complex” track…I just hope that the final response does not come in the mail.

VA Tracking Number

Where are the Tracking Numbers?

We are about two weeks into this project now and are already getting final responses back from some agencies. Other agencies, however, have yet to acknowledge receipt of our request, much less give us a tracking number. Here are the agencies we have yet to hear from:

  • Homeland Security
  • Justice
  • Veterans Affairs
  • Social Security

We also still have not been given a tracking number by the Department of State, though we did receive a confirmation email.

Filing with the Department of Veterans Affairs

We filed our request with the Department of Veterans Affairs via email on 10/5/2012.