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Labor DOES Release the Document Electronically

Two days after we received our “electronically released” report from the Department of Labor, we received an email with a scanned copy of Labor’s response letter and the requested report attached.

Labor – Electronic Release


Labor Mails the Record “Electronically”

On 11/5 we received a large envelope in the mail from the Department of Labor. The packet included a letter stating that they had identified the requested record and that “as requested, the records are enclosed electronically.”

While it is certainly true that we requested the record be released electronically (as we did with all of our requests), the printed out version of the report included in the envelope does not fit into any familiar definition of “electronically.” We scanned the letter and the report to make them available below.

Labor Response Letter

Labor – Response Package

Confirmation from the Department of Labor

On 10/9/2012 we received an email letting us know DOL needed a physical address to complete our request. The next day we received an email confirming receipt of our request. The email gave us a tracking number (699416) and directions for using their online tracking system.

Filing with the Department of Labor

We filed our request with the Department of Labor via email on 10/5/2012.