Checking on Status at DOJ

On 10/22 we received an email letting us know that a response to our request with the Department of Justice had been sent to our “eFOIA Portal account.” It took us a few tries to log in to our account because first, the CAPTCHA words were not appearing; then, we had a hard time deciphering them once they did appear.

Once we were finally logged in, we saw that our request had been assigned a tracking number and that processing was “in progress.” We had not been assigned an estimated date of completion yet.

Our initial request had been directed to the Office of the Attorney General, and, as such, was handled by the Office of Information Policy (OIP). According to the letter we downloaded, OIP determined the record we are requesting is likely to be help the Justice Management Division (JMD), and they were forwarding our request on to them. Since DOJ has a de-centralized FOIA processing system, our request can no longer be tracked in the eFOIA Portal. We were told that we would “need to contact JMD to obtain information regarding the processing status of your request.”

At least we will not have to decipher any more CAPTCHA words…



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One thought on “Checking on Status at DOJ

  1. […] Almost a full month after learning that our request to the Department of Justice had been referred to another division within the Department, we finally received a letter acknowledging that the Justice Management Division (JMD) had received our request and has assigned it a new tracking number (2582614). The letter, which can be downloaded below, was sent to us via US mail, and does not reference our request that all records be released electronically — hopefully the printed-out letter is not a sign of things to come. […]

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