An Unexpected Response from the Merit Service Protection Board

On 10/18/12 we received a final response from the Merit Service Protection Board. The response was unexpected on a few counts:

  1. Our FOIAonline account still listed the request as in the processing phase, with an expected due date of November 2.
  2. The response and record were mailed to us, despite the fact our request specified we wanted the document in en electronic form. An electronic version of the released record is also not currently available via FOIAonline (which is supposed to be one of the advantages of the system).
  3. The record was released in full. As we noted in our description of this project, we asked for a record that could easily be withheld under FOIA Exemption 5 (pre-decisional information). NARA previously denied our request in full based on exemption 5.

We will have to see if an electronic version of the record ever shows up on FOIAonline. In the meantime, download the MSPB’s response and the released record below.

MSPB Response

MSPB – RM Report – Released in Full


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4 thoughts on “An Unexpected Response from the Merit Service Protection Board

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